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We are proud to represent manufacturers that offer our customers a comprehensive product mix that combines innovation and quality.

Our aim is to support our wholesalers, engineers, and end-users in every way possible.

As the industry changes and evolves, we are committed to providing premier water products, at competitive pricing, with the
highest level of customer service support that sets the standard in professionalism and efficiency.


ARI USA Manufactures a complete line of air valves, check valves, and unmeasured flow reducers, as well as providing software system analysis for surge and air valve sizing and placement.


Complete line of joint restraint products for ductile iron and PVC pipe, including pipe restraints, flange adapters, flexible expansion joints, restrained couplings, gaskets, etc.


Hydra-Stop provides safe and efficient solutions to conserve and control Earth's most precious resource...water. They offer the most innovative valve insertion products and line stop fittings on the market to help municipalities manage, maintain, and provide solutions for aging water systems.

Hymax - Repair the past. Connect the future.
For 90 years, Krausz Industries has been designing and manufacturing market-leading coupling and repair clamp solutions for water and wastewater applications, including products such as, the HYMAX coupling, HYJOINT coupling, VERSA-MAX repair clamp, and EZ-MAX flat gasket repair clamp. 

Industrial Threaded Products, Inc. Industrial Threaded Products, Inc.
As your trusted supplier of components and fasteners for Plumbing and Waterworks, ITP has a wide array of inventory and ready-to-ship products, including standard bolt and gasket sets, flange packs in varying sizes and finishes, and standard ring gaskets. Custom pipe supports, saddles, and wall hangers are also available through our fabrication division. 

Proco Products, Inc.       Proco Products, Inc.
Proco Products, Inc. has been supplying the water and wastewater industry with high-quality expansion joints and rubber duckbill check valves to assist in the control of back pressures while resisting corrosion and breakage from harsh conditions. Additional products include flanged rubber pipe connectors, braided pipe connectors, and pipe penetration seals.

Westlake Pipe & Fittings       WESTLAKE PIPE & FITTINGS

Westlake Pipe & Fittings is proud to offer the following products:

  • Municipal Pipe: PVC C900, SDR35, & SDR26 pipe for waterworks industry.
  • Certa-Lok & Yelomine Pipe: Restrained Joint and Restrained Joint Integral Bell products designed for waterworks industry.
  • PVC Fittings (Plastic Trends): C900, SDR35 & SDR26 fittings for the waterworks industry.


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