We are proud to represent manufacturers that offer our customers a comprehensive product mix that combines innovation and quality. At the same time, our aim is to support our wholesalers in every way possible. Therefore, as the industry changes and evolves, we are committed to providing premier products, at competitive pricing, with the highest level of customer service support that sets the standard for quality.

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  RELIANT Water Technologies 
The Wet Well Wizard is the only “one size fits all” wet well FOG elimination system that has no moving parts, is completely non-corrosive, is simple to install, requires no lifting chains, and utilizes no electricity underwater. It can be installed in 30 minutes and requires almost no maintenance. Features and benefits include: dissolves FOG within hours, eliminates odor completely, eliminates the septicity of H2S in the wet well and downstream, transforms the microbial population in the wet well to a completely aerobic population, improves the water quality of the collection system to the point of pre-processing the water, which can improve wastewater plant operations.

Hydra-Stop provides safe and efficient solutions to conserve and control Earth's
most precious resource...water. They offer the most innovative valve insertion
products and line stop fittings on the market to help municipalities manage,
maintain, and provide solutions for aging water systems. 


Composite Access Products (CAP)™ manufactures composite covers and frames with high-speed, high pressure, compression molding. CAP covers pass the AASHTO M 306 Proof Load test requirements for American highways with the
rating of HS-25. CAP is THE ONLY US composite cover manufacture to receive a state DOT approval letter for use "within roadway" zones.

A universal coupling that can handle any sewer pipe repair challenge, whether connecting the same material or transitioning between two different materials, such as clay, ductile iron, asbestos cement, cast iron, plastic, or any other combination.

Complete line of couplings & saddles, which include Flex-Seal ARC Sewer repair
couplings, Flex-Seal couplings, Flo-Bloc test plugs, T-Flex sewer saddles and
Twistee saddles.

Using technology that is used to look for water on other planets, Utilis analyzes satellite imagery to detect leaks and non-revenue water. The result? Images that cover 3.500 square kilometers at once. The leaks are displayed in user friendly GIS reports including street locations, with great accuracy, saving significant labor associated with finding leads with currrent methods.

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