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We are proud to represent manufacturers that offer our customers a comprehensive product mix that combines innovation and quality.

Our aim is to support our wholesalers, engineers, and end-users in every way possible.

As the industry changes and evolves, we are committed to providing premier wastewater products, at competitive pricing,
with the highest level of customer service support that sets the standard in professionalism and efficiency.


ARI USA manufactures a complete line of air valves, check valves, and unmeasured flow reducers, as well as providing software system analysis for surge and air valve sizing and placement.

Edge AI Solutions   Edge AI Solutions

EDGE AI’s Pipe Dream
TM delivers a low-cost inspection platform for small diameter (6” – 15”) mainline pipe inspection. Weighing in at less than 10 lbs., Pipe DreamTM is a lightweight device which is easy to operate, deploy and maintain. It streams real-time HD video utilizing a full fisheye view, which can be translated into expedited sewer inspection reports. With no need for power, Pipe DreamTM can be easily guided through the most remote areas of the underground infrastructure.


Ladtech, Inc. specializes in manufacturing fully recycled high density polyethylene manhole adjusting or grade rings that eliminate deterioration problems associated with concrete, brick, and rubber rings.

Madewell Products Corporation
The Mainstay Composite Liner is a manhole rehabilitation system used to quickly restore and protect deteriorated concrete and brick manholes, lift stations, and wastewater treatment plant structures. This manhole rehabilitation system includes a family of restoration mortars, such as Mainstay ML-72 Sprayable Microsilica Restoration Mortar, and high build, 100% solids epoxy topcoats, such as Mainstay DS-5 Epoxy Coating.

A universal coupling that can handle any sewer pipe repair challenge, whether connecting the same material or transitioning between two different materials, such as clay, ductile iron, asbestos cement, cast iron, plastic, or any other combination.

Westlake Pipe & Fittings       WESTLAKE PIPE & FITTINGS

Westlake Pipe & Fittings is proud to offer the following products:

  • Municipal Pipe: PVC C900, SDR35, & SDR26 pipe for waterworks industry.
  • Certa-Lok & Yelomine Pipe: Restrained Joint and Restrained Joint Integral Bell products designed for waterworks industry.
  • PVC Fittings (Plastic Trends): C900, SDR35 & SDR26 fittings for the waterworks industry.

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